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Modern society hates fat. Being overweight can badly affect the way you look, and the way you are looked upon. It sabotages self esteem and affects the way others perceive you. It can hurt more than just your looks. It increases your risks towards hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, gall bladder disease, and increases the risk factor for the development of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Tough Battle

Unfortunately, obesity is one of the most frustrating disorders to manage successfully. We sadly cannot avoid being fat. We are, because we are created with genes that make us fat. The good news is that we are not "out of control" with our weight. We are under careful control of our master gland in our brain called the hypothalamus.

Diet Programs:

The National Institute of Health Nutrition USA concluded that none of the diet programs work! Worse still, it seems, these yo-yo pattern of dieting, losing weight and gaining it back may be more harmful to your health. When conventiaonal diet programs don't work, then what is the best approach? The answer: THERMOGENESIS! The "burning of fat and converting it to energy" approach.

Obesity is an excess of body fat. Obesity results when the size or number of fat cells in a person's body increases. A normal-size person has between 30-35 billion fat cells. When a person gains weight, these fat cells increases in size at first, then in numbers. Each fat cell weights about 0.4 - 0.6 microgram, however, when billions of fat cells are added, it adds up significantly!

Brown fat which helps the body to maintain body temperature and enhance metabolism is not as active or plentifyl in many individuals.

Thermogenesis Weight Loss

When you attempt to diet, your body's metabolic rate slows down so that you store more of the food you are eating as fat than you would if you were not dieting.

When we attempt to diet, our body works against by slowing our metabolic rate in order to conserve body fat. Any time we go off our diet, we quickly accumulate more fat because our body is revolutionarily programmed to think another famine (diet) could strike at any time.

By using Thermogenic-enhancing agents, our body maintains a high metabolic rate that causes us to burn the food we eat as energy rather than store it as fat.

Clinical Studies

There are several impressive studies showing that boosting energy expenditure through enhanced thermogenesis leads to significant weight loss.

PowerTrim is the most responsible weight management program ever designed. It has been scientifically designed with the thermogenesis principle. You not only lose weight, but inches as well. Taken with Nature's Tea, weight loss of 5 to 15 pounds can easily be achieved within two weeks.

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