Bee Pollen

The beneficial effects of Bee Pollen have been noted for millenia and praised in the Bible as well as ancient Chinese and Egyptian texts. It has long been prescribed by traditional health practitioners including the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates and Pythogoras. Now as then, Bee Pollen is often referred to as one of Nature's perfect foods. This remarkable title is given because of the fact that it contains a higher percentage of necessary nutrients than any other food: at least 18 amino acids, more than a dozen vitamins, 28 minerals, 11 enzymes co-enzymes, 14 beneficial fatty acids, protein and carbohydrates.

Bee Pollen supports many of your body's systems by allowing them to perform at their peak and enhancing your feeling of energy and stamina. This is especially important for anyone who struggle with mid-day burn off. Bee Pollen provides the nutritional support to keep your body going all day long.

Not surprisingly, Bee Pollen is used by training athletes to improve their endurance and performance. When the body system are receiving all the nutritional support they require, they can concentrate on optimal performance -whether that means having more energy to spend quality time with children at the end of the day or competing at world class level.

To ensure its quality and purity,   P E R F E C T I O N' s   Bee Pollen from Enrich is gathered year-round in remote areas of the United States in which there are no industries, agriculture or residence to interfere with the natural pollen collecting process.

Enrich's Bee Pollen is amassed from thousans of plant varieties mixed together and then air dried at temperatures below 45 degrees to create the highest quality Bee Pollen available. It contains Vitamin A, B, C, D, D and K, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Beta Carotene, Phosperous & Zinc.

Bee Pollen is an easy way to provide your body with complete nutrients for Energy and Stamina to enable you to achieve optimal performance in all areas of your life.

  • Stimules the glands
  • Feeling at physical rejuvenation
  • Promotes youthful feeling
  • Builds resistance to disease
  • Helps to boost healing powers
  • Provides the body with energy
  • Slows down aging process
  • Helps hormonal system
  • Normalize the activity of the intestines
  • Improves appetite
  • Increase fitness for work
  • High in B-complex
  • Complete food
  • Contains Lecithin
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