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In the span of only 15 years, Enrich International has raced to the forefront of the health and nutritional industry. This is the company that back in 1972 introduced the technology to encapsulate herbs. It has come a long way since that humble beginning. Today, Enrich is a global company, and its products are sold and enjoyed all over the world today.

Enrich products are varied and covers a whole range of health condition as well as age groups. You will find products to address a huge variety of ailments, and supplements for children, adults as well as senior adults.

Here's a list of some of the products by category:

Enrich Product Catalog (Complete List)
Ailments & Enrich Solutions
User Testimonials
Knowledge of Ailments
Knowledge of Traditional Herbs

The Ultimate Health Drinks
Prevention of Heart Attacks and Cancer
Slimming and Weight Management
Sun Protection Products
Beware of Parasites
Skin Care Products
Body Products
Hair Care Products
Children's Products
Product for Senior Adults

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