LifePath Chewies

Children like what they like, and they refuse to eat what they don't like. That's why it's so important to supplement your growing child's diet with delicious-tasting products. Enrich is aware of this, and has come up with two tasty products specially for them.

Children's Core Pack

Enrich Core Pack - Children is packed with the essential nutrition that supports the special needs of growing bodies. It helps to safeguard your children's health while appealing to their fickle appetites. Just blend a single scoop into eight ounces (one glass) of cold milk, water, or juice, then stand back and watch them jump-start their day with balanced nutrition. They'll look forward to it, and so will you.
Retail Price: RM200
PV: 120

LifePath Chewies are naturally coloured red and purple gumdrop supplements that burst with a great citrus taste. It contains health-balancing ingredients such as bioflavonoids, grape seed extract - a rich source of proanthocynidins, a powerful antioxidant - bee pollen, milkthistle, ginkgo biloba, bilberry, EnriDole 3-C, and quercetin -- and is so tasty you'll have a hard time keeping this popular product in stock!
Retail Price: RM75
PV: 50

To learn more about the Enrich Core Pack - Children and LifePath Chewies, and to place an order, please call Malaysia 60-4-633 4347, fax 60-4-633 8347 or send an email now. Postal Address: Enrich Your Life, 6 Lintang Pekaka Sembilan, 11700 Gelugor, Penang, Malaysia.