In our daily life, our body is constantly subjected to changes caused by internal and external factors. Normal aging, stress, and regular wear-and-tear add to the breakdown of body functions. Poor diet, sleep and exercise habits are also culprits in diminishing our physical capacity. Finally, illness and disease can also further contribute to the body's deterioration. To ensure that we are doing all we can to improve and preserve our overall health, we must maintain a balanced diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, and supplement where necessary. Enrich believes that natural herbal supplements can provide crucial nutrients and enhance body functions to its best, preventing premature aging and degeneration.

The IES Pack is a four-week programme towards a healthy body. It consists of a two-week cleansing period in which unwanted elements are removed from your body. After that, there follows another two weeks of rebuilding. By that time, your body has been cleansed and is now better able to absorb the nutrients and goodness from the Building products:

Two Weeks of Cleansing

  • Nature's Tea
  • PARA
  • Red Clover Plus
Two Weeks of Re-Building
  • ChloroPlasma
  • SGGC
  • Native Legend Tea

Nature's Tea is a sweet-tasting blend of traditional Chinese and American herbs that helps support your intestinal, digestive, metabolic and urinary systems. It gives your intestine a thorough cleansing, and makes it better capable to absorb the goodness and nutrition from your food and other supplements.

PARA eliminates parasites and unwanted organism which feeds on the food and nutrients which enter your body. By removing these organisms, the goodness of your food is absorbed by your own body, and not consumed by them instead.

Red Clover Plus purifies and nourishes your blood as well as enhance your liver function. Your blood is the most important transport channel of your body, and you need to keep it clean, because impurity in your blood will easily get transported throughout your body.

Native Legend Tea has its roots in Native American recipe. This blend of traditional herbs strengthens your body's defense system and make it better able to fight diseases and overcome illnesses. Click here for information on the herbs in this tea.

Chloroplasma supplies your body with a powerhouse of nutrients. Its prime ingredient, the blue-green algae called Spirulina, is one of the richest natural food source. Chloroplasma helps to build your body's resistance.

SGGC improves your blood circulation, strengthens your body's defense against stress and give you energy. Taken regularly, SGGC promotes mental health and alertness.
Retail Price: RM380
PV: 380

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