Super Chlorophyll
The Ultimate Drink of Life

Of all the health drinks which you can take after an exercise, few can match the goodness of Chlorophyll. This bright green non-carbonated drink is not only delicious, but made from the finest plant extracts cultivated under precise conditions. So it gives you all the necessary nutrients after a rigorous work-out.

As it neutralizes acids, Chlorophyll helps remove bad breath and body odour. It contains a high percentage of iron and minerals that helps build red blood cell count and helps to detoxify your liver, cleanse your kidneys and removes toxins from your body. In addition, it aids in the assimilation of protein, calcium and other nutrients. Made from alfalfa concentrate, it is one of the most complete and nutritionally rich food. It cleanses your body tissues of impurities and toxins.

As it is similar in composition to our blood, Chlorophyll is readily absorbed into the body, where it helps to treat peptic ulcers and stomach ailments. Substantial evidence suggests that chlorophyll-rich greens provide the most protection against carcinogens and debilitating diseases.

Of the many brands of Chlorophyll available on the market, we would recommend SuperChlorophyll from Enrich International, for its quality and value. The Enrich SuperChlorophyll is made from alfalfa grown under the most hygenic condition without use of pesticides and fertilisers, so you are assured of receiving the optimum goodness of the ingredient.

Alfalfa was known as the "Father of Herbs" since ancient times. It is rich in chlorophylins, and has a similar structure to hemoglobin found in human blood. Chlorophylin has been used in alternative medicine to help the body in several ways, including to fight inflammation, digestive disorders, malnutrition, and trace mineral deficiencies. In the West, it is also used in deodorants, toothpaste, breath mints, mouth wash and medicine.

There is absolutely no substitute for greens in the diet. If you refuse to eat these "sunlight energy" goods, you are depriving yourself of the very essence of life. A change in our diet is a major reason why we get Diseases of the Civilization such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. They are troubling not only because they are so common, and take such a heavy toll, but also becuase we generally have no effective treatment against them. The best hope of reducing the incidence of heart disease and cancer is to prevent them.

The world has just begun to understand and embrace SuperChlorophyll. There is a huge untapped market for this product, and we seek health-and-fitness-conscious individuals to help us promote it to the general public. We provide free training to members. Enrich International has an attractive compensation plan to make your effort a very fulfilling endeavour.

To find out how you can earn an Alternative Income by promoting SuperChlorophyll, and other Enrich International products, please email us at or fax your name, address and phone number to 04-633 8347. Thank you.

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