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The Opportunity of a Lifetime
The Road Map to Your Future


Welcome to Enrich
You're about to discover your future.
Richard Bizzaro
Richard Bizzaro
Chairman of the Board
and CEO

By taking the time to learn about Enrich, you have already made one of the best decisions of your life! Take a few moments to read about the most exciting industry and greatest opportunity in the world!
Enrich International is a leading manufacturer and distributor of natural nutritional supplements and personal care products. As you will soon see, Enrich symbolizes a world of impact, fun, and opportunity. Join us on the journey to your dreams.  
Nature's Tea
you’re on the right track with Enrich!   

Welcome to Enrich
Have you forgotten
what it’s
like to
Own Your Own Business
Everyone has a dream. Your day-to-day pressures might force you to focus on other things...
Become A Leader
But your
still exist–
tucked away
deep in your mind.
Focus On What's Important
It’s time to rediscover those dreams.
Become A Leader
It’s time to
see them
come true.
Realize Your Dreams
Come with us to explore your purpose, passions, and pleasures.
Realize Your Dreams
Where are YOU headed?              

The Perfect Industry
You can have it all with network marketing.
Imagine an industry boasting over $80 billion in annual global sales with strong growth forecast well into the next century.
chart 1
This industry has millions of highly motivated entrepreneurs who have created unlimited
earning potential
for themselves.
chart 2
Welcome to network marketing!

The nutritional supplement industry is a rapidly growing global business with over $8 billion in annual sales. The combination of network marketing and the nutritional supplement industry is the perfect match.

What’s important to you? Whether it’s being your own boss, paying off your bills, setting your own hours, or impacting the lives of others, Enrich has the answer for you. What are you waiting for?

A Better Way to Achieve Your Dreams!      


Only one can be the best.

Enrich Headquarters:
Orem, Utah

Enrich International has earned a reputation for excellence since it was founded in 1985. The foundation of Vision, Innovation and Integrity has made Enrich one of the few companies to achieve such impressive success.
Enrich manufactures its own product, ensuring Unmatched Product Quality.
  Enrich also leads the industry in Innovation with creative products developed by its own R&D team.
  Unlike most competitors, Enrich places
a top priority on Education and Customer Support.
  Family unity is reinforced at Enrich through inspirational promotions and events.
  All of these strengths result in the best opportunity in the world!
Join Enrich on Your Journey.

the opportunity to prosper

The simple truth: You earn more with Enrich.
You, too, can share in the wealth of the nutritional products industry through Enrich’s lucrative plan. Many companies use flashy presentations to claim to pay out the highest commissions. With Enrich, it’s simple: what you see is what you get.
Note: The Calculation Below is Based on Enrich US compensation. Please inquire with your local Enrich Independent Distributor for information on the Enrich Malaysia Compensation Plan.
do the math! 
up to
   25%   Phase I (Building Momentum)
up to
 36%   Phase II (Proven Leadership)
up to
     3%   Lifestyle Leadership Bonus
    $   Profit Sharing
+ $$   Retail Profits
  = 64+%   Yes! Enrich pays back over half of every dollar of sales revenue!
compare the facts!  
Enrich pays
9 generations deep.
  Most only pay
5-6 levels deep.
Enrich has consistently paid out over 50% of its revenues to its Distributors.   Most companies only pay a fraction of their advertised amount to their distributors.
Enrich has enabled thousands to build strong, long-term businesses that generate significant earnings.   Many plans promote rapid turnover and short-term profit only.
Enrich offers a unique, profit- sharing program to all qualified Distributors.   Most offer no way to share in the company’s success.
Enrich has a powerful “Quick Start” program to rapidly reward new active Distributors.   Most competitors offer no rapid recruitment incentives.

Don't Settle for Less!


Enrich’s goal: To change the world’s health-one person at a time.
Enrich has revolutionized the natural nutritional supplement and personal care industries. Its products continue to set the standard for quality, efficacy, and customer loyalty.
Enrich offers over 200 great products. With a simple Products, Packs, Programssm educational approach (PPPsm), “Enriching” your health has never been easier!
the E-line
With six major product lines covering everything from weight management to general nutrition and skin care, Enrich’s wonderful products nourish the body–both inside and out!


Enrich’s natural products focus on the following key areas:

  • General Nutrition
  • Cleansing
  • Weight Management
  • Personal Care
Your Directions for Improved Health!     


There’s so much more with Enrich!
Enrich offers fun and excitement through special incentives, promotions, and events. Enrich keeps you informed of these through magazines, newsletters, flyers, the Internet, and more!
1. Conventions
Enrich conventions are packed with new product introductions, exciting promotions, and business-building knowledge.
2. World Travel
Free trips! Enrich incentive trips have varied from Hawaiian getaways and Caribbean cruises to exotic Rome vacations.
3. Product Training
Enrich product support materials as well as the Enrich Academy™ provide a unique way to learn about Enrich’s effective products.
4. Exclusive Rewards Special incentives for our top qualifiers include luxury trips, special recognition, and an exclusive President’s Club.
5. Exciting Meetings Through company and Distributor-hosted meetings, you can learn and have fun.

    Enjoy your exciting journey!    


The power of people, perseverance, and products.
“This is the easiest thing we have ever done. In network marketing your efforts determine your income and give you the freedom to enjoy life.”

Dave & Sandra Goodhand Enrich Sapphire President’s Club Members
“Enrich’s fabulous products have made building a business easy. Enrich has the perfect balance of unique products, great support, and superior payout.”

Doug & Sherry Lawrence Enrich President’s Club Members
“Enrich has helped us create, operate, and grow a fantastic business. Imagine running your own business while helping enhance the health of thousands.”

Chris & Dot Hall
Enrich President’s Club Members
the E-line
“I fell in love with Enrich’s amazing products. It was a natural fit to then turn it into a profitable business. Enrich has changed my life forever.”

Elena Swain
Enrich President’s Club Member
“Enrich is by far the most fun and rewarding way I have ever seen to create a great income. I do not miss practicing law one bit.”

Greg Essayan Enrich President’s Club Member

You've made it with Enrich!   


Your map to the Enrich Opportunity

Are You Ready for the Enrich Challenge?

If you are looking for any of these things:


can give you all that. We would encourage you to contact us for more information, and learn about the training program we have prepared specially for you.

Just send your email to Karen DeVette or call (604) 227 2759.