The Incredible Healing Properties of Bee Pollen

Since before the beginning of recorded history, mankind has been enjoying the sweet sticky liquid known as honey. Praised as the "ambrosia for the Gods" by more than one culture, both honey and bee pollen have been long hailed for their healing properties.

Hippocrates, considered the father of modern medicine, said "let your food be your medicine". Bee Pollen is the ultra-fine powder that makes up the male element of the flower. It is collected by honey bees who by instinct, pass by poor pollen and collect only that which is nutritious and healthy. It is then mixed with the bee's saliva and nectar from the flower - providing us with pure, all natural and highly potent life-giving, life-extending food.

The human system is composed of twenty-two elements. Pollen contains all of those elements in a form easily assimilated by the body. It regulates and stimulates metabolism by supplying the missing factors other foods cannot supply and offsets the toxins, pollutants and drugs. Bee Pollen contains all the known vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, essentials proteins, amino acids enzymes and coenzymes (over 5,000) and hormones known to man. These nutrients are in perfect balance.

"Bee Pollen is the answer to mankind's quest for the Fountain of Youth, a source of vitality and longevity", says Dr. William Hedgepath. It contains linoleic acid which is the only fatty acid for the nutrition of the hair and skin that cannot be manufactured by the human body. It is this activating substance which rejuvenates and slows the aging process. Doctors Louveave and E.L. Mand of France, report that experiments show that Bee Pollen can reverse the aging, darkening, wrinkling and blemishing of the skin.

The properties of Bee Pollen work to correct a chemical imbalance in the metabolism which may be contributing to either abnormal weight gain or loss. To safely help control these conditions, Bee Pollen should be used as follows: For weight reduction, take pollen 30 minutes before meals with a glass of water. To increase weight, eat pollen after a meal. Additional benefits of taking Bee Pollen are it produces an anti putrefactive effect, contributes to a healthy digestive system and aids in the assimilation of nutrients. 130 mg of Bee Pollen helps digest three pounds of food. Experiments show that those who take Bee Pollen decrease their daily intake of food by 15 to 20%. It should be understood that the pollen that is released into the atmosphere and carried by the wind for fertilization is not the pollen that is collected by the bees. The pollen that bees search for and collect is a sticky pollen that is too heavy to be wind-borne. In addition, the bees mix pollen with nectar and bee saliva which neutralizes and destroys allergic principles and makes Bee Pollen a respiratory strengthening food that can help and even prevent allergies. Pollen is also a prime source of a form of protein, which causes elevation of the gamma globulins of the body. These substances help the body build natural immunity defense reactions, which offer a shield against allergic distress.

As a result, very few people find they have an allergy to Bee Pollen. But, anyone can be allergic to anything, so start out with a few grains to see if there is any reaction. An allergic person, then, can build up a tolerance and become immune. The fact that pollen can have this immunizing effect was established in the Florida Farmers Bulletin under the title, "Doctors Recommend Raw Honey Treatment for Allergies." It must be raw honey because it contains pollen.

The ability to deal with normal stress and anxiety is influenced by the intake of certain nutrients. Stress uses up vitamins at an alarming rate, particularly the water soluble vitamins, C and B complex. If there are not sufficient reserves in the body, or if they are not replaced quickly, damage can be done to the glandular system. Trace minerals may also be needed to overcome the stress-anxiety syndrome.Minerals that may be rejected by the body when offered in large amounts are able to exert protective influences when ingested in tiny amounts. Minerals such as zinc and selenium strengthen nerves. It may be that many cases of stress and even nervous disorders respond to Bee Pollen because of the high concentration of micro-nutrients. It is possible that the combinations of these nutrients in trace amounts are able to be assimilated and used by the body when they might be rejected in larger amounts.

The side effects of treating cancer cells with radiation is that radiation is not selective. It kills good cells along with bad cells. When that happens, the reproductive ability of the body cells in interfered with and radiation sickness follows. The Women's Clinic at the University of Vienna, Austria, led by Dr. P. Hemuss, undertook a program of diet supplementation with Bee Pollen on a group of women with cancer who were undergoing radiation therapy. According to Dr. Hermuss, there was a noticeable decrease of side effects after the women received 20 grams or about three-quarters of an ounce of pollen three times daily. Something in the pollen was able to stimulate the body's protective system, even after it has been damaged by radiation treatment.

Many doctors, coaches, athletes and professional people are finding Bee Pollen increases zest, energy, stamina and endurance. Clinical evidence shows that Bee Pollen speeds up the recovery process of exercise. It increases performance as well as relieving signs of brain fatigue, and improving mental and physical reflex actions. Since European Gold Medal Olympic coaches introduced Bee Pollen to American athletes, they have been using it and consider it to be "energy in a tablet."

Special uses with honey and pollen


Take several tablespoons of honey and pollen daily for internal disinfection. These foods are high in potassium, which creates a hygroscopic power (the ability to draw off moisture). Because germs thrive in moisture, this effect will deprive them of their nourishment and they die, therefore disinfecting you body.
Magic Healer

Egyptians applied honey to open wounds, and watched the healing take place. Orientals applied an ointment of honey and pollen to open scabs or skin breakouts to promote healing. The ancient Hebrew physicians combined honey with pollen for a dressing on ulcerated wounds, burns, and boils. Folk Healing South American Indians used pollen and honey as dressing for their open wounds. Respiratory Ailments In many regions of Europe, farm people use a combination of honey and pollen to help heal respiratory ailments. It is sipped slowly from a spoon to soothe the itching throat. It is also believed to heal bronchial disorders as well as allergies such as asthma, and a honey-pollen poultice is often applied around the throat. A few drops of slightly warmed honey and pollen in the ears eases pain, ringing, or inflammation.

Honey+Pollen+Warm Milk=Healthy Throat

Many opera singers add some honey and pollen to a glass of warm milk and sip slowly. This helps soothe the throat and promote golden tones.

Respiratory Relief

Folklorists suggest that you dissolve one tablespoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of bee pollen and some lemon juice in a cup of freshly boiled water. This mixture, they say, soothes respiratory distress, sore throat, and other symptoms of lung discomfort.

Natural Sleeping Tonic

Early New England settlers prepared this mixture: 4 tablespoons of honey, 2 teaspoons of pollen, 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a cup of freshly boiled water. Sip slowly. Taken especially at bedtime, it is said to be a marvelous and all-natural sleeping tonic.

Oriental Youth Elixirs

Combine 2 tablespoons of honey, , 2 teaspoons of pollen, teaspoon chopped ginseng herb and dried orange peel. Take with a spoon. Oriental healers believe that this creates a feeling of total rejuvenation and vitality.

Natural Regulatory Reaction

You can use honey and pollen to help solve problems of irregularity. When you take honey with pollen, either in liquids or as a topping on thick black bread. *