Dear Partner,

Rather than working individually - and often competing among ourselves for the same pool of customers - let us join forces and resources in a partnership project that will bring mutual benefit.

Allow me please to introduce you to Enrich Online.

The Internet has made its presence felt in all strata of society, and will continue to penetrate and enhance the traditional way of doing business. International companies like Dell Computer are setting up online stores where one may select and purchase computers direct from the Internet - such sales are projected to account for 50% of all Dell Computer sales in the Asia Pacific region by the end of 2000. What Dell can do for its customers, we can do for ours, today in Malaysia and Singapore, tomorrow for the rest of Asia Pacific.

Online transactions provide unprecedented convenience to the customers, and saving to the distributors which can then be re-channeled to further enhance the customer experience. On the part of the customers, they no longer have to visit stockist, find parking space, rush after office hours, waste time in traffic jams; instead, they can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as and when they feel like it, as and when the need arises.

For the distributors, the time and money spent in delivering products (yes, many do continue to deliver products) can be used to further grow their businesses and improve on customer relations. Instead of each building his own separate website, if everybody pools his resources, the combined effort will be greater and more rewarding to all.

How does Enrich Online work?

Enrich Online endeavours to provide the most comprehensive and user-friendly access to Enrich-related information to its pool of members. There will be one website for consumer use and another exclusively for distributors.

The Consumer Site will include online Membership Form, Recruitment Form, Order Form, in addition to information on Enrich products, membership plan, compensation plan, ailments, solutions, testimonials, herbs, etc. The Consumer Site is for free access to all, but only members of Enrich Online may order from it.

The Distributor Site is for members' access only. It will contain tools to start an Enrich business such as BOP Presentations (in PowerPoint), a Step-by-Step Approach to be successful in Enrich, The Art of Prospecting, How to Handle Objections, Ready-to-Send Emails to Introduce Enrich, motivational stories, etc.

To provide the easiest and most user-friendly access, the websites will be made available on the Internet as well as on CD-ROMs. The CD version, sold at cost price to member distributors, allows speedier loading than even the latest Internet server. It is portable, and can be a useful marketing tool.

Ordering Online & Delivery

Before implementing Enrich Online, the key participants should agree on one of the following methods of delivery, or a combination of them:

  • METHOD ONE: Orders will be forwarded to Enrich Office to be processed and shipped to the customer.
    • Advantage: Enrich offers a toll free sales line, and charges only RM10 for delivery anywhere in Peninsular Malaysia, if the purchase is RM800 and above. RM10 is a very reasonable amount for those with little time to visit a stockist.
    • Possible Drawback: No control on speed of order processing. Orders may take longer than necessary to arrive, and customer may not be around for the delivery, or they may even have to collect it from the post office, which doesn't make the process more convenient.
  • METHOD TWO: Orders will be channeled to participating stockist according to state.
    • Advantage: Stockists will make the arrangement to deliver the goods to the customers at a reasonable cost which will be charged back to the purchaser.
    • Possible Drawback: It might create unnecessary rivalry and envy from stockists who are not participating. In addition, stockist might not have the necessary resources to deliver the goods. In addition, stockist need to be able to receive and process credit card information off emailed orders.
  • METHOD THREE: Enrich Online will start its own delivery service, initially in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore, and eventually throughout Malaysia and other Asia Pacific countries.
    • Advantage: Better control of order processing, and better customer experience as to the speed of delivery of the products. Instead of thirty distributors delivering products per night, an employee of Enrich Online will do the distribution, while the thirty distributors can concentrate on growing their businesses.
    • Possible Drawback: A reasonable cost will be required to start this service which will go into the cost of ordering the products.

Who can participate in Enrich Online?

This business is initially introduced only to distributors who are at Manager ranking and above. Once a Manager-ranking distributor participants, then the rest of his downline may participate. It allows deserving Enrich distributors who are serious about their business and have proven themselves to start a fresh organization, where they can partner with other experienced, Manager-ranking distributors.

To participate in Enrich Online, a distributor needs to appoint a proxy into this organization. A proxy is a relative of the distributor, eg. the children or the parents, whose name is used so that the said distributor can earn an income from his Enrich Online group. Some distributors use proxy to start a fund for their children's future needs or for their parent's retirement upkeep; it's a way to earn even more money for the family without having the amount coming from one's own pocket.

Quite often, many Enrich groups suffer the "elephant-leg syndrome", where one line (started when the distributor was less skillful in networking) is now overwhelmingly larger than all their other lines combined. Appointing a proxy allows the distributor to re-engineer his lines, and correct some of his past mistakes. However, note that the proxy organization starts fresh at Silver, so the distributors are encouraged to nurture their existing organizations.

How to participate in Enrich Online?

If a Manager-ranking distributor wishes to participate in Enrich Online, all he has to do is to complete the Membership Form and send it to Enrich Online at or fax it to Enrich Online, 04-633 8347. We will respond by sending him an Enrich Application Form duly signed by an existing Enrich Online participant for his use to link his proxy into Enrich Online. The participant should then complete the Application Form, and submit it to Enrich accordingly. As long as Enrich Online has in its record a Membership Form from the distributor linked to an existing Enrich Online participant, all his online orders will be honoured.

Membership to Enrich Online is free.

Once an Enrich distributor is already a member of Enrich Online, he may sponsor proxies from his existing group that are interested to order online into his Online team. He may also extend the use of Enrich Online website and CDs to his group, including his own team members who are not members of Enrich Online, although the privilege to order online is extended only to Enrich Online members. He may also recruit new members which do not belong to his existing organization, who will immediately enjoy online benefits. Lastly, he should introduce Enrich Online to other Manager-ranking distributors as a way to partner with them in a new Enrich organization, and pool their efforts for combined results.

Enrich Online, being an independent Enrich distributor in its own right, will actively canvass and introduce its services to other Manager-ranking Enrich distributors, and welcome their participation. Enrich Online reserves the right to recruit new members and grow the business by adding members into the lines, and to help its members grow their Enrich businesses without prejudice.

Enrich Online Initiatives

In order to provide specialized services to specific segments of the market, Enrich Online will start specialized sites that cater to their exclusive needs. Among these initiatives include:

  • Men's Market When a specialized group has money to spend, we give them specialized attention
  • Teenage Girls Market Start them young and let Enrich be their first and only choice
  • Ultimate Health Drinks Make Enrich health beverages the choice drink at every meal

For more information on participating in Enrich Online, please email, phone 012 429 9844, 04 633 4347, 04 659 9844 or fax 03 633 8347.

Have an Enriching Day ahead.

The information contained in this website is general and not specific to any individual. It is only for reference and education purposes. Do not self-diagnose or attempt self-treatment for serious or long-term problems without first consulting a qualified practitioner, preferably one who is familiar with herbs and alternative medicine.