You are looking at one of the best companies and business opportunities of this age: Enrich International. The founder appropriately named this company "Enrich" to signify the profound effect this company will have on people around the world.

Enrich combines age-old knowledge of traditional herbs with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology to give you products of exceptional quality. It is no wonder therefore that Enrich ranks among the fastest growing companies in America, according to Inc. 500 Magazine.

The success of Enrich is not accidental, but subscribes to the principles of Successful Network Marketing. You too can start an Enrich business of your own and enjoy success with Enrich. But to be successful, you need to fully comprehend how Network Marketing works, and how you can use it to make yourself and the people who join your team successful. The surest way to be successful in Network Marketing is simple: make others successful.

What is Network Marketing?
To understand how network marketing can work for you, you must first understand the difference between Linear Income, Leverage Income and Residual Income.

What is Linear Income?
Linear Income is how 95% of the world's population earns their keeps. If you are employed by someone, or self-employed, you are earning linear income. This is the least efficient way of earning a living, because it depends on continuous employment to earn a living. At the start of your Enrich business, you will be earning linear income.

What is Leverage Income?
When you employ someone and he works for you, the profit you make is called Leverage Income. When your Enrich business grows and you have success lines working under you, you are earning leverage income from their activity. The beauty in network marketing as opposed to traditional employment is that you do not have to pay a salary to those who are earning you leverage income.

What is Residual Income?
When you have a lot of people working for you, the amount of Leverage Income which you make is so high that it allows you to lead a comfortable life even without doing much work. That's the lifestyle of the filthy rich, and that lifestyle is sustained by Residual Income. When you are successful in Enrich, the residual income which you earn from your success lines will support yourself comfortably, allowing you to retire if you so wish, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. To earn Residual Income is the very purpose of Network Marketing.

Why is Enrich the right choice?
Enrich arrives at the scene at a time when the world is awakening to the effects of global pollution and deterioration of food quality to general health. Rather than a single-product company, Enrich has a host of products that addresses almost every ailment and health need.

What guarantee is there of success with Enrich?
As in all business undertakings, it is the individual who participate in the venture who ultimately determines its success. Thus it is not for Enrich to guarantees a person's success, but it is for the person to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Enrich to make himself successful. And the opportunities offered by Enrich is plenty.

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